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News and updates about the Usable Web site.

About Usable Web

The new Usable Web is planned to be a site of links to information of "historical significance" to web usability. From 1995 to 2000, Usable Web was one of the leading sites for people interested in web usability, providing a regular update of links to the best on the topic as it was growing in popularity.

Now, it is being re-built to help preserve the early history of the field. Pages that are still around are being re-evaluated by me, Keith Instone, to help put them into a historical context.

First version of the new site is done

I have spent the last month cobbling together the foundation for a new version of Usable Web. I believe I have enough content to start getting some feedback. If you would like to help me out, you can:

  1. Check out the old, old Usable Web, which is still online at usableweb.COM but has not been updated since 2006. If you are not familiar with the site or just have not visited it in years, you may want to spend a few minutes there.
  2. Spend some time here at usableweb.ORG, where I have started building a new version of the site. I have made updates to 10 entries, all from 1995. I have also written about 3 "inactive destinations". Not a lot, but hopefully enough content to give you a sense of the potential of the new site.
  3. Fill out a survey with your feedback and comments. You are also welcome to send feedback via Twitter (to @Usable_Web) or via email (to instone at usableweb dot org).


Trying some "inactive destinations"

As I have started looking at things indexed by Usable Web to "preserve", a number of sites and other collections have disappeared, not surprisingly. The owners go out of business, the individuals behind them move on to other things, etc.

The story behind some of these are interesting - to me at least - so I have selected a few that qualified as "destinations" in the original Usable Web, done some research about them, dug up some Wayback Machine links, and created short entries about them.

Lots more to go, but so far, I am having fun doing it. If anyone else find them useful, even better.

Starting the next version

After many years of neglect, I started building the next version of Usable Web. Drupal is the platform (vs. HTML generated by a Perl script).

The basic information architecture of the content will be similar. The part that makes it different will be going back to all of the old links and first finding ones that still work, then updating my description to tie in what it meant long ago to what it means now.

History from 2003 - 2006

In January 2003, I officially declared I was no longer adding links to Usable Web. I had only added a few links in all of 2002, so this should not be have been news to anyone who had been paying attention. I kept the current set of links working - deleting broken links every month or so. But that was it.

In June 2003, I moved everything to a new server - that broke a few things but the basic site lived on.

In November 2006, I removed my last set of broken links.

The site was untouched from 2006 to 2012.

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